Purpose/reason/use for building the new station

Why are you building the station now?
This station has been on our long range strategic plan since 2007.

How will the station be used?
The station will serve the center of our fire district and will also house our administration section.

Why are you building the station there?

The station location allows quick access to the road system and is away from the more concentrated commercial uses in Bayview.

Is the station replacing another station?

Yes, it is replacing our Bayview station that was built in 1968.

How will the station be staffed?

We will continue to staff the station with a combination of volunteers and part-time firefighter/EMTs.

Will it add a lot of traffic to the Bayview area?

It will add some traffic in that it will house our administration.

Will the station be noisy?

Generally no. We are respectful of each neighborhood where we have stations. There will be time, like training, when there is noise, however we make every effort to reduce it.

Will the station add a lot of light to the Bayview area?

It will add some. Our design includes low level lighting and zero-cutoff lighting throughout the site.

What will happen to the old station?

The old Bayview station will be repurposed to our maintenance facility. The Freeland station will include converting the offices to sleeping quarters.

Will you have to buy more fire trucks to put in the new station?

No. We will have room for an additional vehicle should we need one in the future, such as a water tender.

When did you start working on the station project?

We identified the need for the station in 2007 and began the design and build process in 2010.

Will there be space for public use?

Yes, all of our stations have space for meetings for limited use.

Didn’t you build a new station in Bayview not long ago?

No. The building that house Whidbey Health ambulances is often confused as one of ours.

Funding for the new station

How is it paid for?
The majority of funding comes from a general obligation bond. We have saved the balance of funds through our capital improvement budgeting.

Will my taxes go up because of the new station?

No. We were able to secure the bond and pay the annual payment without raising taxes.

What does the construction budget look like?

The current estimation for the station, administrative wing, and training ground is $5.8 million.

Construction of the new station

How long will it take to build the station?
We estimate the project will take 12 months.

Will construction cause traffic problems on Bayview Rd?

It should not. Staging areas for equipment and materials will be onsite. Some truck traffic to the site for deliveries should be expected.

What will the station look like?

We have designed the building to incorporate many of the colors and designs of buildings in the Bayview community.

Is the project going to be phased?

No. We intend to complete all portions of the project in 12 months.

Who is the Architect?

Carletti Architects P.S. from Mt. Vernon.

Why will the building be as big as it is?

The station will house our fire apparatus, our administration section, and a large training room for our department.

What does the construction schedule look like?

We hope to be under construction by mid-August of 2018.

Contact information

Who do we contact if we have questions or concerns?
Please contact Fire Chief H.L. “Rusty” Palmer at chief@swfe.org.